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Consultations    518-542-5915
I am the eldest daughter of Marina Petro and Robert Petro. A natural born second generation gifted and talented
professional Intuitive/Psychic with over 30 years of experience working
with individuals in the field. I have
worked extensively with p
rivate individuals, children and families across the country and worldwide. My clients
include educators, doctors, healers, psychologists, attorneys, other psychics, veternarians, professionals in the
private and corporate businesses sector.

My information and guidance comes from a “Higher Source” allowing only “The Higher Good” to come
through in each session. This ensures each individual obtains precisely what they need bringing balance and
harmony into their lives. My insight allows me to clearly see to the “root” of family, children, personal
relationships, career, financial, physical, psychological and emotional health issues. My gift enables me to “See”
beyond the ordinary limitations of the mind seeing the past, present and future all at once. Thus providing
individuals with the guidance, information, options and possible consequences of a situation, giving the
individual what they need to be able to make the decisions which are best for themselves and their families.  I
also provides information and insight to help guide you in finding your own inner peace, spirituality and hidden

 In addition to my work with individuals and their families I am one of the top Equine Intuitive Specialists in the
country. I work extensively with thoroughbred, show, therapy and pleasure horses. Helping pivate owners,
trainers, therapists, rehabilitators and veterinarians
in diagnosing physical, emotional and psychological health
issues of distress, disease and disharmony
. Thus helping to optimize the horse or pets life, health, performance
and most of all quality of life

I do hands on  energy work and I am available for on site barn and field work for both professional and private
owners and stables.

Private consultations are by the ½ hour session or 1 full hour session. It is suggested that you have 10-15
questions available before the consultation. I will do an opening statement at the beginning of the session then
answer questions with the remaining time left in the session. The questions should be to the concise and to the
I am available by appointment only for personal consultations, special occasions, fund raisers,  business and
corporate events.  Phone sessions and gift certificates are available.

Please call 518-542-5915 or email (Psychic Consultant).