Soul Essence Healing Portraits                                       518-785-2748

Each portrait is created specifically for the individual they are designed to invoke peace, harmony
and balance in ones life.

In a deep meditative state I "tune into" the individual on an intuitive level. I receive impressions of
color and forms which I then begin to place on the paper. The colors and forms appear on the
paper as if the portrait were alive, fluid and in motion.

Healing Portraits may be placed anywhere in your home or office. However they are most
effective when placed in the bedroom.  As you sleep, your mind and body are quiet and will absorb
the balancing energies more effectively. Portraits may be given as gifts.

These beautiful pastel works of art available in sizes 5" x 7", 9"x 12" or 11"x 14".  
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Beautiful Harmonizing Soul Essence Healing Portraits