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Client Testimonials    518-542-5915

We first heard of Andrea thru a newspaper article in The Saratogian about her
unique psychic abilities.  We kept this article for about 2 years before we asked
her for a consultation with one of our horses that had been brought into
Saratoga Equine Hospital.  With the Veterinarian present along with our trainer
she proceeded to describe what the horse was feeling and where the problems
were.  When the tests results came thru they confirmed what Andrea had said!
Karen, Danielle and Holly Dill

This past July Andrea saw one of our horses again.  At the barn where we stable
him, she was able to point out several problem areas on the horse.  The left side
down his flank bothered him and his inside left front shoe was of 1/16th of an
inch.  Two days later this was confirmed by a vet.  We had been looking at the
saddle as the cause of the problem.  Now we decided to have his shoes
re-evaluated.  Andrea was right on again!  The farrier showed us the shoe that
had been put on his front hoof and there was the problem.  The inside height of
his left front shoe had been put on the wrong side of the hoof.  The shoes on his
back legs were crushing his hoofs causing his back to be sore.  The following
week the vet pronounced his back was completely back to normal.
Karen, Danielle and Holly Dill

Thank you for helping to make our fundraiser a success.
Capital District Humane Association

On behalf of the Lake George Arts Project, thank you very much for
participating in this years BlackVelvet Art Party. Your contribution toward our
fundraising efforts is much appreciated.
Laura Von Rosk
Gallery Director

On behalf of the Saratoga Economic Opportunity Council and its Board of
Directors please accept my personal thanks for your participation in our 1996
Summer Magic fundraising event.
Caroline Seligman
Program Director Family Matters

Your generosity and support will directly help families in Saratoga County to
achieve and maintain safety and stability. Thanks again for your help. 1998
Robin Yarinsky, Chair
Summer Magic Planning Committee.

Please accept our sincere appreciation for your participation in this event. Your
dedication to this community and to helping our neighbors was well
demonstrated. With your help we were able to help local families in need.
Debra Goichman
Director of Community Services

I just wanted to thank you for what you did. It was extremely generous of you,
you have changed my life.
Tracy W.

Thank you so much for participating in our Mystic Fair this year. Your talent
was very much appreciated and was a large contribution to the success we had.
Everyone had a wonderful time. We are very interested in having you return
with us for future events.
NYS-OSG Special Events

I would like to thank you for all of your insight. It was a great help to both
myself and my horse.
Managing Animals Naturally Owner

Once again I want to thank you so very much for all you do. Your insight has
changed my life in so many positive ways. I am so fortunate to have found you.
Lisa S.

I had my first reading with Andrea and I am in awe! Her insight and knowledge
was incredible. I will be calling again and recommending her to everyone I know
that wants the truth, someone that is compassionate and will give you solutions
that are attainable.

I would like to thank you for another insightful and incredible session

Thank you for talking to my daughter and helping her through a very difficult
time. She is much more at peace.

Thank you for taking the time to help me the other day on such short notice.
Your outstanding insight, kindness and compassion are much appreciated.

Thank you very much for the reading yesterday. Your insight is just amazing.
You have touched and changed my life.

The vet was here today and your insight was very helpful. Everything you said
was accurate and my horse is going to recover fully.

My doctor just called and I am stunned! I had a reading two weeks ago and
Andrea told me she was concerned. Though I had a doctors appointment and
tests 3 months ago I was having no symptoms and the tests came back clear, she
insisted to please go get a second opinion. The tests came back and I am going
into surgery next week. Had it not been for her insight I would have terminal
cancer due to not knowing anything was wrong.
Joann H

Thank you for changing my daughter’s life. Words can not express my gratitude.

Your insight is incredible. You have changed my life and those of my family and
children. I can not thank you enough for all you have done.

One of the most insightful readings I have ever had.

You saved my horse! If it had not been for our reading my horse would have
died. She was very ill and was showing no symptoms. Thank you once again.

Thanks again for a wonderful and informational session.
Nancy M

On behalf of the Shelters of Saratoga and the homeless individuals we serve, we
would like to thank you for volunteering your time, energy and services as a
provider for our One Fine Day event. One Fine Day would not be possible
without the charitable spirit and generosity of community minded individuals
like you. Thank you for supporting our mission.
Nancy Breen Lamb-Executive Director
Wendy Wyczawski-Director of Development

Thanks again for all your insight. It is always wonderful to speak with you. Your
knowledge is life changing.

Unbelievable reading, if I had postponed it my daughter’s life and health would
have been in great danger. She had diabetes and we didn’t even know it! You
saved her life. Thank you so very much.

Thanks so much! The horses are doing wonderful since you have been out to the

Thank you once again for your incredible insight. My young son is doing well
after his surgery. I would not have known anything was wrong, and am grateful
it didn’t turn into a serious situation.
Jeff A.

My horse has recovered fully! You were right about the tainted food. I am so
very glad that you could come up to see him on such short notice no less a
holiday weekend. Once again thank you so very much.

I want to thank you for the reading yesterday and I wanted to let you know I
found one of the pieces.  It was wrapped in a sock in my daughter's sock
drawer.  In her room, she has these paper accordion shades that let light filter
through.  During the day the windows look like louvered doors.  
Thank you so much!
Nancy D